You Are The One I Love | Felix D’Souza

Vocals: Felix D’Souza

This is a cover of the original song “You Are The One I Love” by Don Moen from the Album “The Mercy Seat”.

The music for this song has been recreated in loving memory of Felix D’Souza.

All rights reserved with the original composer and respective owners.


Nobody else could change my heart
nobody else could save me
Picked up the pieces when I fell apart
i’m so glad you’re unchanging

Yes You are the one that i love
Light of the world descend from above
Sing hallelujah
Shout to the Lord
You are the one
You are the one
I love

if i knew this song that the angels sang
We will be singing together
Cuz i can’t wait for eternity
Praising your name forever

Lord search my heart
And find it ever true
I pray that my devotion will always be to You

Vocals: Felix D’Souza
Backing Vocals: Alexander Fernandes
Guitars: Savio Sebastian
Rhythm & Bass Arrangement: Gladwin Ram

Recording: Rock Solid Studios, Pune

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