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Yeshua Ministries is a Hindi worship band led by Cameron Mendes making Christian Hindi worship songs. This is the Official music lyric video of the song TERI JAI released 25 March 2018. The Teri Jai Music Video was shot during the Tour of Yeshua Band in Fiji and Singapore July 2017.

Teri Jai, Teri Jai
Hum Jai Jaikar Karein (4x)

Tu Rajaon Ka Raja
Tu Hi Hai Khuda
Tu Kal Aaj aur Hamesha
Tu Hai Yeshua (2x)

Teri Jai, Teri Jai
Hum Jai Jaikar Karein (4x)

Jai Jaikar, Jai Jaikar
Yeshu Naam Ki Gaye Hum
Jai Jaikar (4x)

We wanna tell you something that is real
Nothing but the truth so here’s the deal
Jesus, the King, ain’t no fairytale
He’s a God and a Friend who will never fail

So all you people everywhere
Put you hands up in the air
We say Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
C’mon let’s declare!

Jai Bolo, Jai Bolo
Yeshu Naam Ki Jai Bolo (8x)

Teri Jai, Teri Jai
Hum Jai Jaikar Karein (2x)

Video production by: Nesh Roshan (Vivid Memories Fiji), Salman (Photograffix Fiji), Jenny Mendes
Video editing by: Benjie Rajan
Audio production by: Nyzel D’lima


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