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CHRISTBEARERS – Lift Your Name (Official Music Video)

The band:
Darel Joseph
Ryan Fernandes
Chris Fonceca
Arthur Fernandes
Savio Sebastian
Alexander Fernandes

Audio Production: Alexander Fernandes (RocK SoliD Studios)
Recorded by: Adrian Machado
Executive Producer: MISTAVIRUS
Sincere thanks to Donna Charlie, Akhil Joy, Anand Bara, Johnson Lakra, Velankanni Fernandes & Joshua Fernandes.

Sincere thanks to Melissa Joseph for the camera.

Sincere thanks to Rev. Fr. Kenneth Misquitta (Parish Priest – St. Xavier’s Church, Pune)
Sincere thanks to Rev. Fr. Lazarus Chawdi (Parish Priest – St. Francis Xavier’s Church, Pune)

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