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Yeshua Ministries is a Hindi gospel band led by Cameron Mendes making Christian Hindi worship songs. This is the Official “Gao Hallelujah” video from the ‘Yeshua’ first album released by Yeshua ministries in 2005. Other Yeshua songs are Gao Halleluliya,Tere pass, Hum Gaye Hossana, Sabse Ucha Hai,Spontaneous Worship,Yeshu ke naam se, Tu Hi Rab Ha,Tumsa Koi Nahi,Hungama,Rock n Roll. Find all Yeshua Ministries songs on the Yeshua Band Official Channel.

Full Lyrics:

Gao Hallelujah:

Verse 1:
Yeshu ne humme chudaya hai
Paapon ke jaal se
(Jesus has given us freedom from sin)
Yeshu ne humme bachaya hai
Shaitaan ki chal se
(Jesus has saved us from the trap of the devil)

Toh Gao hallelujah
(Sing Hallelujah)

Verse 2:
Humne shanti paayi hai
Yeshu ke naam se
(We have received peace in Jesus name)
Humne paayi hai kshama
Mukti shrapon se
(We have received forgiveness & deliverance from curse)

Verse 3:
Ab hum na dareinge
Yeshu jo saath hai
(We will not be afraid for Jesus is with us)
Shaitaan se hum ladenge
Yeshu ke naam se
(We will fight every situation in Jesus name

Shalom shanti aur salaam Laye hai aapke naam
(We bring you peace & blessing)
Shalom shanti aur salaam
Yeh hai Yeshu ka pehgham
(Peace & blessing is what Jesus brings)

This is the official lyric video of the popular song ‘Gao Hallelujah’, released in 2005 on our first album ‘Yeshua’. Originally composed by Samson Adsule and Cameron Mendes.

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