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Worship with Don Moen and his full band as he sings “Be Glorified” in this DonMoenTV Live Worship Session accompanied by special guest Lenny LeBlanc! Want to see more videos like this? Check out our Live Worship Playlist: New videos posted every week! Subscribe for the latest DonMoenTV videos:

Acoustic Guitar & BGV: Lenny LeBlanc
BGV: Rachel Robinson
Electric Guitar: Tom Lane
Bass Guitar: Jason Foster
Drums: Tim Newton
Keyboard: Kiko Negron
Sound Engineer: Chuck Harris

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Title: “Be Glorified”
Album: I Believe There Is More
Artist: Don Moen

With ev’ry beat of my heart
Ev’ry song that I sing
Ev’ry prayer that I pray
Ev’ry off’ring I bring
In ev’ry thought that I have ev’ry word that I say
O be glorified
Yeah yeah

This is my prayer
It’s the cry of my heart
Lord I want my life to reflect who You are
O Lord please stir up the fire
And burn anything ’til all I desire is You
(All I desire is You)
(All I desire is You)

From the start of each day
‘Til the end of the night
Let me bring praise
Let me bring light
Lord I offer my life as a sacrifice
Be glorified
Yeah yeah

With ev’ry breath that I take
And ev’rything that I do
Let me lift up Your Name
And bring honor to You
Let the words of my mouth only speak truth
O be glorified
Yeah yeah

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